A Wonder-filled World

An installation of 9 glass sculptures.

The installation, narrated by the poem below, depicts a magical forest glade and celebrates the wonder of us and that which surrounds us.

Layers of sheet glass, glass frit and glass powder are fused together to give subtle variations in colour and texture. Parts of the glass were sandblasted and verre eglomise (reverse gold leaf gilding) used on the back of the glass to vary reflections and light transmission. The bespoke brass stands for the standing sculptures also allow another dimension enabling further interplay of colour and light.

Click here to watch a video of the installation and poem.


A Wonder-filled World

by Uju Obi

On the Hero’s Journey that is Life.

Came I to a clearing in the Forest of Modern Anxieties.


Drawn to a wondrous sight.


Dawning realisation. On reflection,

These are not portals to a mythical realm

But a mirror of the Light

Beyond the trees.


I see the heaven that is on earth.

I see me and I see you.

I see the wonder of us and that which surrounds us.